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Virtual Handbook on Population Dynamics !

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New Features; System Requirements & Practical Hints
Legal Notes & Proper Citation
Other Helpful Sources
Mytilus edulis, Meyer & Möbius 1872 Sea life.
Martin, P.L., 1884. Illustrierte Naturgeschichte der Thiere. Leipzig.
New Features in Version 01.2

The positive response to version 01.1 motivated me to put some more effort in this update 01.2. Besides the elimination of quite a few errors from the text, the handbook underwent a major technical restructuring. To improve navigation, we use a layout based on Frames, Javascript and some Style Sheet applications.


System Requirements and Practical Hints:

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Legal notes:

- Copyright of this handbook is with the author.

- Many Figures and Tables have been taken from other publications,
  you can cite them, but you cannot use them in your publications without permission by the original publisher.

- This HTML version of the handbook is free of charge.

Proper citation:

T. Brey, 2001. Population dynamics in benthic invertebrates.
  A virtual handbook. Version 01.2.

Other Helpful Sources

Please note that I tried to keep things as short and comprehensive as possible. Those who want to know more may refer to the IBP handbooks of Downing & Rigler (1984), Eleftheriou (2013)MacFayden (1970) which decribe many approaches and their theoretical background in more detail. Other helpful sources are Pauly (1984c) or software and user guide of FISAT as well as other software and data banks.